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What is Delta-8?

The hottest hemp cannabinoid of 2020 has without a doubt been Delta-8 (often referred to as D-8) Because of it’s close resemblance to the psychoactive molecule Delta-9 found in high THC cannabis plants and seeming legal designation, cannabis consumers are flocking to stores to find these products.

Is Delta-8 truly legal? While not tested in court as of yet, industry proponents claim that it’s extraction from hemp (although through molecular conversion of CBD) makes D-8 legal to retail and consume. The risk adverse point out DEA definitions. We’re not attorneys and think it’s best to refer this question to the experts. Texas based firm Coats Rose recently wrote a comprehensive review on their blog found here. If you are a retailer or brand thinking of entering the Delta-8 scene, we suggest you seek legal council.

Does Delta-8 have psychoactive effects? While differing from the effect of Delta-9, there is a definite quantifiable effect to be felt from D-8.

Is Delta-8 safe? As with any new consumable product operating in a legal grey area, consumers should take caution when trying hemp derived isolated cannabinoids as the processes used can vary greatly and little regulation is in effect. Texas law now requires manufacturers to utilize Good Manufacturing Process in creating cannabis derived products which starts the process of ensuring consumer safety. However, enforcement of standards is still new and developing.

Are there other cannabinoids like Delta-8 found in hemp? Time will tell! As we slowly unravel the mysteries around the many compounds in hemp we continue to discover new and exciting potentials associated with them. As research restrictions continue to loosen, we’re excited about the potential these compounds have for overall wellness and lifestyle of humans.

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