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Small Batch: adjective. Relating to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisanal methods.

In the age of large scale mass production of hemp derived products, small artisanal brands like Austin’s own Redeemer Small Batch are standing out. This vertically integrated team has been taking part in the back breaking work of their family’s annual Colorado hemp harvest for several years. But last year things were just a little bit different. Redeemer founder Bailey Weickum thought instead of sending the beautiful hemp flower off to someone else, they decided to take the best of the best and put it into pre-rolls and bottles. Then bring these amazing products back to her home base of Austin, Texas.

Opening Redeemer products is better than Christmas Day. Beautiful natural packaging tells the story of the earth where these plants began their journey. Cracking the cap on the 1000 mg tincture, the spectacular aroma of full spectrum hits your nose immediately. It is as potent as it is flavorful. If capsules or topicals are more your thing, they have you covered with a thick butter salve and 25 + 50 mg capsules.

But for us it was the perfectly packaged 3-pack of high end pre-rolls that got our juices flowing. Redeemer hand selects the very best flower tops to incorporate into their smokable delivery and it shows. They’re smooth and silky without the typical burn that accompanies lower quality pre-rolls.

But what really makes Redeemer Small Batch stand out as a quality brand in the hemp market is their culture. Bailey and company have an infectious love for what they do. They have not only survived their 2020 launch, they’ve thrived. Delivering customers quality and compassion in every batch, they recently added direct to consumer subscription services. Their wholesale operation is just getting started and promises to supply hemp CBD retailers with a quality product their loyalists will love.

To pick up a Redeemer sample pack and learn more about this women owned brand check out their website https://redeemersmallbatch.com

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